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About True Strength

Welcome to TRUE STRENGTH MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, a full-on MMA facility designed to help you and your family find their True Strength.


True Strength was founded by Victor Torres and Mariano Rebollo to aid the community in their self defense, fitness and self improvement needs. Our team of coaches and instructors, all experienced fighters who have competed in national boxing, full-contact kickboxing and international MMA events, work together to help you reach a new level of self awareness and confidence through detailed training.

If you are looking for a good workout or just want something new, our classes burn up to 800-1000 calories. And on top of it all, you and your children will be learning key self defense strategies ranging from anti-bullying and stranger awareness to female self defense and dealing with mulitple attacker scenarios. 

​Don't miss out! Please come join us and make a new better you. Through discipline and focus one can find their True Strength!
Mariano Rebollo is a co-owner and one of the boxing and strength coaches at True Strength MMA.

Mariano boxed competitively winning many club bouts and tournament trophies. During his competitive years he also won gold at the Georgia Games multiple times. Mariano trained very hard with both amateur and pro level fighters and has made it all the way to Golden Gloves tournaments, and has won the GA state championship belt for his weight division.

Mariano has a strong passion for boxing and fitness and believes that the sport of boxing can change people for the better, making them focused stronger and more confident.

​ Bringing a substantial wealth of knowledge of the sport of boxing. Mariano welcomes everyone to come to class and punch their way to success.


Victor Torres is a co-owner and President of True Strength MMA and has been training in the martial arts for the past 30 years. Victor began training with his father Francisco Torres in 1987 and began formal training at Imperatori Karate in 1990.

Victor holds black belts in Isshin-ryu,Tae kwon do, and American Karate., and currently holds a green belt in Kyokushin under Senpai Kevin Johnson. Victor has boxed competitively for 6 years, winning gold in the Georgia games. He also competed in full contact kickboxing for two years winning the middleweight division trophy.

​Victor believes that everyone can learn something about themselves while training in the martial arts. He also dedicates himself to every class and student helping them to push themselves to their top potential .

“Hard training really humbles you. The best thing about martial arts I believe is that we aren’t trying to overcome an opponent so much as we are trying to overcome ourselves and our own short comings…”

- Victor Torres